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(a forwarning i'm no wordsworth or shakespere so dont expect a award winning script)

oh sweet lord WHERE do i begin to start to discribe this piece of artwork...well lets start with the main feature and girl in question rikku

like many people say she is perfect for this kind of "work" theres something about rikku giantess and feet that WORKS!!

maybe it's due to how innocent she looks..maybe it's due to the teen aspect maybe because of the lack of clothes she wears..or maybe it to do with her being such a lovable character whatever the reason she's a fan favorite

right thats "OH GOD SHE'S SO HOT!!" aspect out of the way now lets focus on the image itself "stares.....give me a moment"

the first thing that draws attention is believe it of not the sky it really does give the aspect of it being morning (like the title says) and as OOD (observer of detail) adding morning sky was as very good call and its truely pretty

talking of detail that crane is a nice touch as is the sort of sums up the early morning workers talking of the train it ois obeying gravity (another small detail) so it LOOKS like it being held in the air the hand also adds to this as its looks like rikku is just "toying" with the train..with a loose(ish) grip

getting back to rikku lets looks at her expression its of a not caring combined with " i do this every day" you can see the people on the building logicaly rikku should be looking at them but in this she's just you know..relaxing and then see's a train and plays with that insted the eye's give that "what do we have here?" look

the destruction element is good as well.. it looks like rikku is just resting her feet on the building so of course the a buidling would crumple and the smoke gives that "it just happened" appearance

ok i can hold of no more..time for the MAIN part of this artwork the feet...

OHHHH MYYY GOOOD they are HUGE and they are just in plain sight the act that you used the "real" ones just make it even better they are just in your face you made them the core of this and my word they are amazing!!

eeesh..this went a bit longer than i expected but hey you ask for critique well critique thoue shalt get!
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Poposan Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww thanks mate. :P
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